The team as of November 2022.


Guillaume Romet-Lemonne

Researcher CNRS DR2

Antoine Jégou

Researcher CNRS DR2

Cécile Leduc

Researcher CNRS DR2

Hugo Wioland

Researcher CNRS CRCN

Bérengère Guichard

Engineer CNRS IE

Foad Ghasemi

PhD student

Jiu Xiao

PhD student

Camille Bagès

PhD student

Rebecca Pagès

Assistant Engineer (AI)

Pierre Bonnesoeur

Assistant Engineer (AI)

Omar El Hamoui


Ingrid Billault-Chaumartin


Dina Al Abyad


Maya Ballet 

M1 student

Inaara Kassamaly

PhD student

Wouter Kools 

PhD student

Lilian Paty

M2 Student


Duc Quang Tran : Post-doc.

Jahnavi Chikireddy : PhD student then Post-doc.

Wendy Auchère : Assistant Engineer.

Léana Lengagne : PhD student.

Zeineb Farhane : Post-doc (shared with Strick lab, at IBENS).

Véronique Pizon : Researcher INSERM.

Lu-Yan Cao : Post-doc.

Héliciane Palenzuela : PhD student, cosupervised with Nicolas Minc.

Alexandra Tityaeva : M2 student.

Emiko Suzuki : PhD student.

Binh-An Truong-Quang : Visiting post-doc (from Paluch lab, UCL).

Sandy Jouet : Technician.

Mikael Kerleau-Chretien : PhD student.

Matthieu Gélin : Master1 student.

Daria Klusa : Erasmus Master1 student.

Amélie Carré : Licence student.

Alexis Coullomb : Master2 student.

Sarah Myram : Master1 student.