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previous lab group pictures

As of March 2017, during the lab retreat, the group is composed of Guillaume, Sandy, Yan, Emiko, Héliciane, Bérengère, Hugo, Antoine and Mikaël.

As of January 2017, the Doppler effect group is composed of Antoine, Sandy, Héliciane, Bérengère, Guillaume, Mikaël, Yan, Hugo and Emiko

As of October 2016, the group is composed of Mikael, Antoine, Héliciane, Bérengère, Yan, Guillaume, Hugo and Emiko

As of July 2016, the group is composed of Hugo, Emiko, Mikaël, Héliciane, Antoine, Bérengère, Guillaume, Amélie

March 2016:

October 2015 :

Summer 2015 : Guillaume, Antoine, Hugo and Mikael